Basic measures to avoid traffic accidents!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a pedestrian dies every two hours, and another suffers injuries every 8 minutes on the streets, roads and highways of the nation. Similarly, hundreds of cyclists perish every year and thousands are victims of road traffic injuries. To avoid accidents and injuries, apply the following tips:

• Always use sidewalks and crosses when available. If there is no sidewalk, walk in the opposite direction of traffic.
• Be cautious at bus stops. Many pedestrians are injured when they run out so the bus does not leave, or when they walk in the direction of traffic when getting off the bus.
• If you are going to walk at night, wear brightly colored clothes or light components.
• Do not cross highways or interstate highways, as you are at risk of serious injuries.

• Must respect the same traffic rules as car drivers, such as stopping at the red light and stop signs, signaling to change lanes or turning, and driving on the correct side of the road.
• Beware of parked vehicles. Frequently, drivers leave their cars without taking into account the traffic of vehicles or cyclists.
• Always wear a protective helmet and other appropriate safety accessories.
• Avoid using hearing aids or hearing aids while riding your bicycle, as you must use all your senses to avoid accidents.
• Try to keep the bicycle out of the driver’s “blind spot” to be more visible.

• Be careful when making a turn or passing through a busy intersection, as pedestrian crossings may occur.
• Always give way to pedestrians.
• Pay attention to the road, and limit the diversion agents inside the vehicle. Keep the radio volume as low as possible, so you can hear the sounds that are produced outside the car.
• Be cautious before entering or leaving a parked vehicle.
• Be careful when passing near or around bus stops or other points of mass traffic.
• Regularly inspect the sides of the road to detect the presence of pedestrians, especially in areas without sidewalks.

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