Extra options when buying a new car

Engine: Generally, the smaller the engine, the more economical the maintenance and operation. However, its power must adapt to the size and weight of the car. The engine of the basic models is almost always powerful enough to have a good driving operation, but if you plan to install a trailer or a lot of extra equipment, you will need a larger engine and power.

Suspension: Its function is to support the weight of the vehicle, compensate for road irregularities and provide stable handling. The suspension of the basic models is appropriate for normal operation. But if you have to drive on difficult roads, at high speed or carry heavy loads, you should request a reinforced suspension.
Rims and wheels: The widest rims and wheels are ideal to withstand heavy loads, provide better traction on the road and more maneuverability. However, super wide tires can affect the suspension and the body, which is why it is advisable to maintain the options offered by the manufacturer.

Brakes: There are two types of brakes: disc and drum; discs have more wear resistance and are part of the standard equipment of most new cars. The vacuum brakes do not improve the braking efficiency, they only facilitate it.

Air conditioning: The air conditioning also offers options. Although it offers great comfort, the truth is that it also has the disadvantage of reducing fuel economy while it is in operation; Some cars require a motor larger than the standard to operate the air conditioner. There is the option of using tinted windows to keep the car fresher, but they have the disadvantage of reducing visibility.

Seats: In general, you can choose the type of seats and the clothing of these. The cloth seats are very comfortable (cooler in summer and warmer in winter) but they are also more difficult to clean. The leather seats are colorful, but they are expensive and difficult to maintain.

Color: Each manufacturer has a series of basic colors for the most recent models that he brings to the market; They are the so-called serial colors and you have to choose the one that is most to your liking. Usually to each exterior color corresponds a certain tone of the lining of the interior, although there is the possibility of choosing to your liking.

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