Flat tire? Let’s do it!

You can further secure the car by placing a rock, brick, wooden trunk or similar on the diagonal wheel to which you will change.

The next step is to find in your car the key that will allow you to remove the screws from the wheel. It is usually located next to the spare wheel or in the trunk. Next to it you will find the hydraulic jack that you will also need later and the wheel. Put the ones out of the car. Match the hole in the key on each of the wheel bolts.

You probably will not be able to unscrew the nuts manually, do not be scared, it’s not that you’re weak! It is because these nuts are usually placed with pressure machines. But you can unscrew the nuts by pressing with your skin.

Funny, right? Unscrew just a little bit, enough so you can then remove the nuts by hand. Now you must place the hydraulic jack in the correct location that the manual of the car indicates. If you do not have a manual, the safest area to place the jack is about 9 inches behind the front wheel or in front of the rear wheel (depending on which tire is the flat tire). Expand the cat manually as high as you can. Attention! No person can be inside the vehicle while you raise the car.

Remove the 5 screws by hand and place them in a safe place. Remove the damaged wheel. Heavy? There is little left! Locate this wheel without disturbing traffic. Do not place it inside the car yet, remember that it is unstable when it is elevated.

Place the spare wheel by matching the holes with the protruding screws. Place the 5 nuts by hand pressing A HAND.

At this moment you can feel almost almost fulfilled but there is still one more step. Remove the hydraulic jack little by little and finish screwing the nuts tightly with the key and helped with the feet. Do not forget to screw some of them tightly.

Now you can boast of the work done, but not before a couple of laps around your car to make sure that the damaged wheel, the jack, the key, the manual of the car and other objects or people !, are not forgotten in the place.

Good job! Remember to take the damaged wheel to be fixed, as the spare wheel is usually provisional.

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