Hazards of SUVs

Basic measures
Since children are impulsive and unpredictable, adults should be aware of the latent danger when children are present. Here are some basic steps to follow:
1.-Walk around the vehicle before moving it.
2.-Make sure where your children are. If they are playing outside the house, have them placed in a place where you can see them before moving the vehicle. If possible, ask an adult to supervise them at that time.
3.-Teach your children that a parked car can move. Tell them that they can see the vehicle, but the driver inside the vehicle can not see them.
4.-Consider installing cross mirrors that allow you to have a wider vision, audible detectors, a camera in the back of the car, or any type of device that allows you to detect the presence of children before moving it backwards.
5.-Teach your children not to play inside, around or behind a vehicle.
6.-Remove all toys or sports equipment from the driveway to the parking lot.
7.-Never leave your children alone inside the vehicle, not even for a minute.
8.-Always keep your vehicle locked even if it is inside the garage and do not leave the keys within reach of children.
9.-When getting out of the car, make sure your children have left the vehicle.
10.-Take your child’s hand when they are leaving the vehicle.
These simple tips respond to common sense. Every parent or guardian of a child must always keep in mind the importance of safety when dealing with matters in which minors are involved.

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