How to prevent teenage driver deaths

For ideas of protection for your child as a driver or passenger, consider these tips:
Talk to your child years in advance and continuously. The survey showed that 54% of parents spoke for the first time about driving safely with their children between 14 and 15 years of age – a year or less before they received their permission. Remember, auto accidents are more deadly than drugs and suicide among teenagers, so it is critical to discuss the matter.

Eliminate the symptom of “this will not happen to my son”. Two-thirds of parents think that teenagers are poor drivers, but 88% trust that their own children drive safely. As a constant reminder that no teen is immune to an accident, create a management agreement between parents and children, which imposed rules are respected so that your child can get behind the wheel.
Restrict dangerous driving situations. 90% of parents allow their teenagers to drive after dark; 77% allow them to drive with friends and 70% allow them to drive in bad weather conditions during the first months after obtaining their permit. To reduce the risk of your child crashing, enforce the rules on driving in those dangerous situations.

Preach with the example. The survey showed that many parents have spoken on the cell phone (71%); operated the radio or electronic device (62%); or violated the law (25%) when driving with their teenagers. Giving an example of good management as a parent is the most important rule on the road.

Impose positive pressure on other adults. Half of the parents interviewed said that other more lenient parents make it difficult to control the privileges of their own children. To protect all adolescents, parents should encourage their peers and school administrators to create a culture of safety in the community.

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