Safe driving tips for the elderly

Do your parents or grandparents hold on to driving?

Updating your glasses and limiting the hours of the day you drive will allow you to follow behind the wheel safely regardless of age.

As you reach retirement age, you may expect the flexibility of your free time to allow you to make road trips to visit relatives who live far and near, or to dine in the shopping area when everyone is working. .

But because you have so much flexibility to drive, you may have realized that you no longer drive like you used to. Maybe he does not see well, or he does not feel so comfortable behind the wheel.

The good news is that, even if your body ages, you can still drive when you want if you adopt new tips for a safe driver.

• If you have problems with muscle strength, there are several adaptive devices that you can use to resolve this disability. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers numerous tools on the website: Among the available devices are the adjustable seats and the hand controls to operate the car.

• In most states an eye exam is required each time the license needs to be renewed. Be sure to get regular exams and update your prescription glasses if necessary to drive safely.

• Consider limiting driving time to daytime hours, or to the places where you drive. Many elderly drivers find it difficult to drive safely at night, and choose to do so during the day. If you drive through an area whose streets, speed limits and road conditions are familiar, you can focus your attention more on other drivers and pedestrians.

• Investigate about the existence of alternative means of transportation. You will probably discover that the community in which you reside is abundant in opportunities for transportation alternatives. In addition, in many communities there are bus and train systems, taxis, community vans and shared car services. And since your retirement schedule is flexible, it should not be difficult to find convenient transportation alternatives to your lifestyle.

Consider road safety while you enjoy your retirement and know more about your community. And do not let age prevent you from following safe driver practices.

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