There are ways to reduce the costs of your insurance

Insurance is one of the easiest expenses to control. From how and what you drive, to the plan you choose, you control several factors that determine your insurance costs, “says Stephen Semprevivo, president of, an online site that offers valuable consumer information.

7 steps you must take to achieve it

1. Compare. The prices of the policies change from one company to another, so it is worth visiting different places to find the best offer. Remember, however, that not always the cheapest is the best. Look for a combination of good coverage and good price.

2. Drive better. A good driving record is a powerful argument when looking for auto insurance. Insurers are interested in reducing risks, and drivers with clean driving records are considered a good risk. Practice safe and courteous driving. If your driving is rough or you have acquired bad habits, you can take new driving courses. Many companies offer discounts to drivers -especially young- who have taken these courses.

3. Think about insurance before buying a car. The type of vehicle you drive could affect your insurance fee. If you are looking for a new car this summer, consider insurance costs before deciding to buy. Many insurers analyze several factors when setting the rates for a particular car, including the age of the vehicle, the type of bodywork and if it has electronic safety devices; also if the make and model of the car is a frequent target of thieves. When you have narrowed your options, contact your insurer and ask about the coverage of a new car; then compare with other companies and choose the one that best suits your needs.

4. Take care of your car. If your vehicle experiences a malfunction while driving, it could cause or contribute to an accident, which could result in a claim to the insurer, which would affect your rate in the future.

5. Buy intelligently. Do you know that you can lower your insurance fees if you have a high deductible? A good option is to choose a high deductible and set aside that amount by putting it in a bank account that generates interest.

6. Combine your different insurance. If you own a home and have property insurance, you can choose to place your auto insurance with the same company. Many of them offer discounts for securing these two assets together.

7. Ask for a discount. Do not be afraid to ask or negotiate a discount. Many companies offer these discounts when specifically asked for it. And if you have been a good customer, the company will not want to lose it.

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